DateMarch 2021
CategoryPlayground Equipments

Selecting the correct weight is a hassle-free experience thanks to the new weight stack pin with pre-tensioned cable that doesn’t jam between the weight stacks.
The 4.5kg/9lbs integrated plate enables to increase the load more gradually.

M3 series is the ultimate option for the fitness devotee,which uses a modern aesthetic to streamline the main frame.
The top shelf is made of aluminum alloy die-casting molds,which is convenient for users to place items such as kettles, towels,and mobile phones. Built-in double pulley,using ergonomic principles,overall apperance of machine is simple and generous,fully enclosed cover,carbon fiber treatment,high-end machine.
All frame is made of 50*100*3mm rectangular tube,the painting process is covered with zinc spray at the bottom, middle layer spray metal,finally the transparent powder is sprayed on the surface of frame,increase the texture of machine.
M3 series is the perfect combination of power and beauty.