LUXUS can craft you the perfect customized living room wardrobe storage solutions. Your living room is perhaps the most important room in your house, as it is where you spend most of your time with your dear ones. A customized European design living room sliding door wardrobe built to be seamlessly integrated in your drawing room can help you keep your spaces organized and allow  for hassle free living.

The Indian home furniture market can be divided into 3 segments on the basis of price and quality.

The very Low price/ very Low quality segment is largely catered to by the furniture imported from East Asia (China & Malaysia). This is a growing segment that signifies that in general even low income group customers also prefer ready to use furniture.
The very High price/ very High quality segment is largely catered to by the furniture imported from Western Europe (Italy, Germany & Spain). Only the very affluent customers can afford this. It is a very small market. This offers very limited customization options. Customers usually prefer this segment for “loose” furniture like sofas, beds, coffee tables etc. For “fixed” products like wardrobes and kitchens they find it a difficult to import as there are many issues related to the site dimensions and specific Indian requirements.
More than 75% of the customers fall into the middle segment. They typically do not want the low quality “Chinese imported” furniture and also cannot afford the very high price “European imported” furniture. Hence for “fixed” furniture like wardrobes and kitchens they choose to find a local vendor that can provide customization within their budget. This segment has a wide range of players offering a wide range of quality and price options. LUXUS caters to the upper middle segment offering customised – affordable- “European” quality furniture.

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