Luxury Sanitaryware

As a German brand, Sternhagen are committed to offering high quality products that are artistically designed, yet engineered with cutting-edge proprietary materials and technologies. When it comes to taste and quality, today’s customers are more discerning than ever.

This is why we make exciting products: products, which are thought provoking and raise the bar of excellence in design. The perfect blend of fine art and flawless engineering – this is our competitive advantage

Villa Elena, Jacques Garcia’s palatial Sicily home has a storied past—a  17th-century monastery built on a 12th century Norman villa, which replaced a 10th century Moorish palace, built on a 5th-century Roman house, itself built on a 3rd-century Greek villa. Fittingly, the decorator, known for his glamorous hotel interiors, has accoutred the house in objects that refl ect this provenance—scalloped silk canopies, and furniture made for 19th-century royals. A neoclassical marble tub anchors this bathroom.

HANNAH CECIL GURNEY Colours and patterns abound in the London home of Hannah Cecil Gurney—as is expected from a scion of de Gournay, maker of some of the world’s best wallpaper. In the maximalist
master bath, terrazzo fl ooring is paired with a de Gournay wallcovering on sterling-silver gilded paper. The tub is Ilbagnoalessi, with a Catchpole & Rye tub fi ller. Gurney chose a pink fl amingo paper for the space, adding an ombré yellow e ect to the top.

Julie de Libran, creative director of Sonia Rykiel, decorated her home—in a Paris building with a courtyard—with the help of French architect Charles Zana. Having lived for a while in Southern California, de Libran wanted her home to refl ect the fl ora that she had come to love. Spots of green dot the apartment, which is decorated with a mix of pieces from de Libran’s collection and Zana’s designs. A pendant from Roman and Williams Guild hangs above a planter and a stone sink in the entrance hall, where de Libran often arranges fl owers. The tiles are vintage Gio Ponti designs.

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